Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail doesn't just have to be a way for customers to contact you; it can also be a huge marketing tool. By building a reliable customer mailing list, you'll be able to contact them on a regular basis with offers and campaigns to drive business to you.

Email Marketing Metrics

Measuring a campaigns effectiveness is crucial to the success of your campaign. Email marketing has been proven statistically to offer a higher Return On Investment (ROI) than traditional marketing practices. An email marketing campaign can offer ROI of between 10-1 to 30-1 typically. It is also extremely measurable, offering the opportunity to segment your mail-lists to relevant groups, geographically, socially and technologically. This information can help you develop your business with your cutomer in mind.

List building

Sending out messages without permission is a fast track way to a bad reputation. Asking your customer if they are interested in staying up to date with your company is useful for both you and the customer. With so much unsolicited email ending up in peoples inboxes, they can be wary of parting with their details. Get Ahead use methods that reassure the customer and get high sign up rates.

List maintenance

To ensure you are not flagged as a spammer, it is important to maintain your email list. This means removing people that unsubscribe and removing people with invalid email addresses. List maintenance also means adding new people and updating people’s details. We can keep your email lists clean and up to date to uphold your image as a reputable company.

Successful email campaign

A successful email campaign is an art form. You need to make sure the message gets to the inbox, make sure the message is opened and then make sure the link to your site is clicked on.

A good subject

The key to getting a message opened is an enticing subject line. We use techniques that make messages alluring to the reader to ensure a high percentage of recipients open them. We can provide statistics on how many emails are opened.

Great content

Getting your email opened is just half the battle. Getting that vital click through is just as important. We use a combination of design techniques and psychological knowledge to ensure high click through rates. 


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