Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine AdvertisingPaid search, pay-per-click or PPC

Search engine advertising is the method of making your website link appear on search pages by bidding for keywords. A paid search campaign alongside an SEO campaign is a highly effective way to drive traffic to your site. A paid search campaign offers an additional benefit: If you are tracking your traffic correctly, a paid search campaign can also provide you with data for which keywords are most effective. The effective keywords can then be used in the copy of the website to drive more traffic through the natural search listings. As your advert will be one of the first things the user sees on bringing up their search results, it effectively becomes a point of sale for your product as the user is taken directly to your site. Our eMarketing specialist will work in conjunction with the copywriters to create enticing adverts for your products and services.

Landing pages

Instead of directing all the traffic from adverts to your website homepage, you can direct people to landing pages. Landing pages contain content which is relevant to the advert the user clicked on. It is also laid out in a way that entices the user to stay on your site, usually with offers. The effectiveness of landing pages needs to be reviewed regularly and it is possible to have several running concurrently to generate data on which is most effective. Our eMarketing specialist will set up and monitor the effectiveness of your landing pages, making alterations to convert more clicks on to customers.

Keyword monitoring and tracking

It is not enough to set up some keywords and just hope that they will keep bringing in the visitors. Successful SEM campaigns are tracked by statistical programs to find out which keywords are working effectively. Managing individual keywords on the time of day and to which geographic locations they are displayed is essential. Your keywords can be monitored by our eMarketing Specialist and updated to ensure you are driving the most relevant visitors to your site.  


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