Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media MarketingSocial media is online media that includes interaction from the viewer. Some examples are Facebook, Twitter and Blog posts. There is a buzz of User Generated Content (UGC) constantly being produced on the internet. Whether you like it or not, your business is being mentioned out there by someone. Social Media Marketing aims to harness his activity and use it to your advantage.

Social media pages

Social media pages are pages and feeds on other websites that represent your company. Just like your website, these need to appear professional. In addition to presenting information, these pages are another means of interacting with your potential customers. It is a good practice to offer added value to users that “follow” your social media feeds. This keeps people coming back for more. Our eMarketing specialist can work in conjunction with our copy writers to provide you with regular blog posts, tweets and status updates to ensure your followers remain engaged and interested.

Social media management

Keeping your social media content updated is just one part of the ongoing management required for effective Social Media Marketing. The other is reacting to your followers. Social media offers you a direct link to your consumers in a public domain. They will often communicate what you are doing well and more importantly, badly through these mediums. Our eMarketing Specialist will monitor the responses from followers and relay suggestions for changes back to you, keeping your customers happy and creating more sales opportunities.

Social media advertising

Social media sites find themselves in a very privileged position when it comes to advertising. They are a great platform for providing brand awareness, and hitting the key demographics of your product or service. All the users of social media websites hand over vast and extremely personal data when they sign up. For example, Facebook records employment status, religion and sexual orientation amongst the usual data, such as date of birth and current location. This allows you to create adverts and target them to a highly specific demographic. As with Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Advertising campaigns can be monitored and modified by our eMarketing Specialist.

Daily Offer Websites

One of the most popular uses of the web is the ability to find great deals and offers on everything from food and drink, to flights and hotels. Companies such as Groupon and Living Social offer vast ammounts of great deals in all services.
Social media sites are a great way for businesses to reach customers and alert them to their product offers, driving traffic to their sites and utilising the web's community values. Get Ahead can provide a complete service  on how to get the best out of social media for your company
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